“These are the words” by Patti Smith. This song was played at Anna’s funeral. Every Saturday morning, she would sit outside a Parisian café reading The New York Times in the hope that there would be a featured article about her idol and other interesting American artists.

To honour Anna’s legacy, all proceeds from this book will be donated to the cause of improving mental health and reducing the number of lives lost to suicide. Inspired by Anna, ‘The Anna M Wright Art Foundation’ is a registered UK charity.

‘Anna was in a constant battle with the powerful ‘internal saboteur’ who criticised her every move. Others suffering from anorexia or some other serious mental health issue also speak of an inner demon that controls them. My daughter cried, ‘Nobody understands me…I give up…you will all be better off without me!’. She was unable to digest any positive feedback — she was only able to swallow negative words. Anorexia is a tricky and deadly disease that needs to be tackled head on as soon as possible. Time is the enemy. Nip it in the bud.’

Anna’s foundation focuses on art and other creative mediums as a positive way of expression, communication, and connection. ‘Under the Fig Tree’ and Anna’s art will be the visual tools used to help educate art teachers and university lecturers, prison and remand centre staff, about how to recognise people with early signs of depression, anxiety and potential suicidal tendencies.








“I have now finished your book. It is exceptional. I lost count of the times that it made me cry. The opening sentences on the page titled “Time to go – One last coffee” were brutally effecting in their starkness. I was grateful for the light relief of some of the exploits in Spain! I was very much struck by the undulating rhythm of the narrative arc, and how Anna’s health changed across time and location. I also really admired your honesty in discussing your own mental health as well. The final chapters gave me an insight into some of the learning the charity will spread – I had never come across the term ‘postvention’. I also thought Erin’s foreword was the perfect introduction – “Shame colours grief” is a beautiful expression, and talked to a theme that you returned to throughout. And it was wonderful from my perspective to read about the role the charity will play in the future.”  Pippa Garland – charity specialist solicitor at Russell Cooke



Fiction – Coke on the Rocks by Lucy Wright (pen name for fiction). Published by Trafford. Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. Non- Fiction – The Curse of Celebrity & Is It Just Me or are all Celebrities Crazy? Published by John Blake Publishing Ltd. – 2006.  Ghostwriter for – England footballer, Larry Lloyd (Hard Man Hard Game). Published 2008 by John Blake Publishing Ltd 2007 & Ghostwriter England and Arsenal legend Kenny Sansom (To Cap It All).



Rita Wright is a psychodynamic counselor and CBT practitioner. She is also the author of several books.





Rita Wright is attending ‘The London Book Fair’ at Olympia, London 5th – 7th  April, and The New York ‘Pitchfest’ in Manhattan on the 29th/30th April. Art Exhibitions in London and Paris – dates to be confirmed. Book Launch – May 2022 – venue to be arranged. Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 – 19th – 23rd October.